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Ganpat University has established an eminent Centre for Health and Applied Sciences in the year of 2018 with the futuristic goal of betterment in the field of food, nutrition and health science education and research & development.  

The Centre for Health and Applied Sciences offers well-structured comprehensive B.Sc. (Food Technology) course curriculum that combines the knowledge of Management, Technology and quality. This programme perceiving the present need and future requirements of trained manpower in the Food industry. The course is designed to impart in-depth knowledge of the scientific and technical approach to understand the nature of raw food materials and their transformation into products so as to meet the demand of the industry. Students will develop competence in areas like Food Process Engineering, Food Quality Management, Food Analysis, Food regulations.

Centre for Health and Applied Sciences also offers another master degree programme that is M.Sc. - Chemistry (Pharmaceutical Analysis). The aim of this programme is to cater the need of pharmaceuticals industries in the field of analytical sciences.

Centre for Health and Applied Sciences also execute excellent work in the area of public health and nutrition to cater to the health and nutrition industry with diligent and skilled manpower and relevant research developments.

The centre is flourishing with extensive guidance from academics and industry experts. Professors with broad teaching and research experience together with industry experience are incessantly improving the skills and knowledge of the students.

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