This master programme in Pharmaceutical Analysis is designed to give the theoretical and practical skills needed to enter a career in pharmaceutical analysis or an allied science either in an academic institution, a research institute or in the industrial/business sector. In particular, it will give the opportunity to develop practical skills through an extended laboratory based research project. It will also enable students to develop an ability to plan a research project, apply effective data analysis skills to results, and to communicate findings in an articulate and professional manner.

The M.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Analysis has been designed for graduates in chemistry, pharmacy and allied disciplines with the aim of providing advanced knowledge in pharmaceutical analysis, quality assurance and quality control of drug products analysis. Objective of this course is to give you specialized knowledge of the analytical techniques used to detect, identify and quantitatively determine drugs and related substances. Students will be introduced to techniques for evaluating analytical data and validating analytical methods. Students will also examine strategies for analytical research and development. Students will gain practical experience in a wide range of modern instrumentation and techniques. The course structure is designed so as to provide graduates with specialized knowledge and hands-on experience in the area of pharmaceutical analysis and research.

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